I am the bridge between the gap of what is needed and what is happening.

Creating better leaders, centring joy and staying curious. Thanks for visiting the site, I hope you find what you are looking for and stay curious to find what you did not expect to.


Group 14

I will in equal part support and challenge you. There’s plenty to do and there’s often more to be done

Group 16

I stay curious about all aspects of you so we may find unexpected ways of working together, let’s see what happens.

Group 17

I am invested in leaving this life in a better condition than we find it, let’s make some memories and change the world.

Group 19

We will always have time to discover the joys in all things and celebrate the smallest of victories.

Group 20

I will champion you even when you aren’t sure. We can achieve what you set out to.

About ME

I have a passion for leading with an inclusive, intersectional mindset whilst centring joy. My career has focussed on developing more inclusive workplaces and future leaders. I am on a mission to build and a Black Women-centred community for future change-makers everywhere but especially in the video game industry. I stay curious and open to what we can discover and how we can make a lasting change in the power landscape.

#GameJoy is on a mission to reimagine and redefine who and what video games are for. All of the events are designed to connect or reconnect with the joy of video gaming. We believe gaming can be a good mental health coping tool, a great team building digital tool and and opportunity for people to connect in the moment.